From QuickenMAc 2007 to What? in how many leaps?

About to leap from Quicken/Mac 2007 on OSX 10.11 El Capitan on a 2009 iMac... 10.15 Catalina on a NEW 2020 iMac. IS the subscription model required? I only use for a dumbed-down digital checkbook, and then to run a Report of customized deduction categories for the calendar year at tax time, from all of any of 3 accounts within a single file.

BEST PRACTICES? What's the minimum Quicken required to run on OS 10.15?

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  • Thanks, esp. for new of upgrade ease AND reality on the subscription experience.
  • nutbrain
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    For those somewhat Mac technically adept and wanting to stay with Mac, willing to try using Parallels with older OS installed to continue with Quicken Mac for Lion (2007), what is the optimal (fastest and reliable) old OS to use in Parallels solely with Quicken Mac for Lion (2007)? I still use of the old version of Quicken daily, have data in this format from 1992 with multiple accounts in two data files (personal, business.) Subscription or newer Mac versions still don't seem to offer all of the features of good ol' "QML2007" and getting locked into a subscription service for a less robust or "lite" version just doesn't seem to be a good trade-off. Know at some point I'll need to upgrade my OS for security purposes as apple support ceases. Advice? Thanks in advance.

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    @nutbrain  I don't know if one version of macOS offers any real advantages over another for running Quicken 2007 in a VM. There have been only a few reports here of people doing this; you should read this thread for the limited info that has been shared here. 
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