Unable to open Quicken Mac 2015 version 2.3.1 because it asks for my intuit user id and password!

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  • gapos
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    Help, Unable to open Quicken Mac 2015 version 2.3.1 because it asks for my discontinued intuit account user id and password! If I could update to 2.9.7, will I no longer have to put my Intuit id and use my quicken id? Anybody have a link to this dmg update file?
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    Hello @gapos

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

     If you do not have a Quicken ID or have not migrated from the Intuit ID to the Quicken ID, there is little that can be done further.

    The 2015 version has been discontinued for some time and that means that things like patches and support are no longer provided.

    Have you tried to sign in to Quicken.com and locate the 2015 version and download and install it from your account page?

    Please let me know!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • jacobs
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    @gapos  You unfortunately missed a lot of updates between version 2.3 in December 2014 and the crucial post-Intuit upgrades to 2.9.x starting in September 2017. There were lots of announcement in Quicken and to users about the need to update at that time as Quicken moved off the Intuit servers. Then, with the 2.9.2 update in October 2017, Quicken 2015 users were updated to the Quicken 2016 code base, with a few 2016-specific new features turned off. A few additional updates appeared over the next year until the terminal 2.9.7 release in summer 2018. Are you sure you never downloaded any of the updates over that nearly four-year period? 

    As the Quicken representative noted above, Quicken 2015 became discontinued for support as of April 30, 2018. If you cannot download it from logging in to Quicken.com (which may not be possible if you originally purchased it on the Apple Mac store), I don't know how to get the installer for the latest update to Quicken 2015. I will search my Time Machine backups to see if I might have one, but I had to restart my Time Machine a while back and I don't know if I have any that go back far enough in time.

    If you are unable to find one, you may need to purchase the update to the current Quicken Mac, which can, fortunately, import your Quicken 2015 data file. As long as you purchase Deluxe (not Starter!), you will continue to be able to use Quicken 2015 for manual entry even if you do not renew your subscription after a year.

    That said, there have been thousands of fixes and improvements to Quicken Mac over the past nearly six years, and you might find using the current version worth the small investment. Also, I don't know how much longer you'll be able to successfully run Quicken 2015 if you regularly upgrade your macOS, as the many operating system changes over those years have broken a lot of features in Quicken Mac which have not been patched in the old Quicken 2015.
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  • gapos
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    Wow, thanks for your very informative reply, I really appreciate it.
    1) Cant find anywhere on quicken.com were my past purchases are. I think all of them were with Intuit anyway, using Quicken/quickbooks since 1997.
    2) When I purchased Quicken 2015 in Dec2014 I was unable to install it onto MacOSX10.9 so I purchased Quicken Essentials and have been using this ever since with MacOSX10.10.
    3) I am trying to update my Mac to 10.13 and since QEssentials is unloadable, I wanted to migrate to Quicken 2015 since I already owned it, but I only have the original dmg file that is 2.3.1.
    Intuit and Quicken have not been helpful at all, if you manage to find an installer that no longer asks for my intuit username, I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
    My other problem is that if I get the newest version of Quicken to use in my old Mac OSX10.10 iMac, I think its not compatible or openable. Do you know if Quicken on the web might let me access via Chrome my file and be able to work on it from both computers, one using MacOSX 10.10 and the other MacOSX 10.13? or does it require same version of APP to be installed on the computers applications, or is it webbased only? thanks.
  • jacobs
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    If you can get a working version of Quicken 2015, it will run on macOS up through Mojave (10.14) at least; I don't know if there are any issues running it on Catalina.

    You cannot open the Quicken data file in two different versions of the program, as there are frequent database changes between versions. Quicken is not web based, so if you want to use Quicken on two computers, you'll need to move a compressed or backup copy of the file back and forth between the two computers. (With the current Quicken Mac, you can use a web interface to access some of your data from anywhere, but it's not the full-fledged Quicken that still resides on your local machine. But I don't think that works with Quicken 2015.)
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