Print Notes with transactions - "is implemented in R27.20". Where or how to use this feature????

Community asked &, after users piled on, Quicken says it's implemented in R27.20. Yay !!! Thank you !!!! But, where or how to use this feature??? I've tried a couple of reports - no luck. Please let us know how to print [or export] Notes [and flags if available. Thank You !!! Our engineer wants to verify comments without manually going through transaction registers and doing screen shots for him.... Ugh


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    The Notes column is available in the Transaction report: select Reports > Banking > Transaction, press Alt + C, check Notes and select OK

    To print [or export] a report, open the report and press Ctrl + P (or Alt + P) [or Alt + E].

    The Flags field is not available in a report.
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    If Notes is not in the list of columns, Click on Reset Columns below the list.
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