Sale of shares not increasing Cash Balance

I have an investment account where the final cash balance is incorrectly shown as negative. I went back through the historical details and saw that I have sales of securities where the proceeds were marked to go to the Cash Balance, but they did not. I am going to try to validate my file, but I am wondering if anyone has experienced this?
The entry will show "Sold", the Security, number of shares, price, then Share Bal has no entry, Inv. Amount is a negative number (the total sale), Cash Amt. is N/A, and Cash Bal is unchanged.

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    @JADavey - Who is the broker?  How different investment companies report cash holdings to Quicken varies.  Some will download it as Cash and others will download it as a security holding (such as a money market fund Core or Settlement account or as a sweep security savings account).  This can cause account securities holdings balances and cash balances issues in Quicken which gets compounded when there are securities buy/sell transactions.  Understanding who your broker is can help to define how to correct the issue you are seeing.
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  • JADavey
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    @Boatnmaniac Thanks for the input. It happens to be Vanguard, but when I manually add a Sold entry, I have the same result.
  • Tom Young
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    If you're seeing an "N/A" that's usually because you have some placeholder entries in your transaction list (register). 
  • JADavey
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    Yes, I do. I will check that. Thanks.
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