Do I need to re-enter all payees after being forced to move from Quicken Bill Pay to Bill Manager?

I have unfortunately waited until the last minute to migrate from Quicken Bill Pay to Bill Manager. I have over 15 years of payees in Bill Pay. I was hoping to be able to export this data / import to the new Bill Manager tool. I have been unable to find any documentation on 1) how to do this and/or 2) if this is possible. Would love some help!

If I need to re-enter them all, I would like to know asap so I can start copying them before Bill Pay is shut down tomorrow.

Mayday! SOS! Thanks for the help!!

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

  • monarch50
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    Thank you for the link. I have one more question. It looks like I can only copy them over once a bill has been entered. Do you know if there is a section where I could just enter all the payees and not have to put bills in at the same time?
  • monarch50
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    I have purchased Quicken Premiere and the more I uncover about the switch the more disheartened I am. Thanks for the heads up on the limited number of payments I can make. I liked that with Quicken Bill Pay, if I needed more, they just charged me more. That worked for me. I still got the service I needed.

    Now, I think I will instead set up payments through my bank so I don't struggle with the payment # limit. I do wish Quicken had more upfront about the differences between Bill Pay and Bill Manager. (And I honestly wish I wasn't such a procrastinator & didn't wait until the last minute!)
  • monarch50
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    Great info. Thank you for the quick advice. Much appreciated!
  • Sue C
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    I also procrastinated, and I am so disappointed in this offering. It removes all the features I really liked. I will also be seeing what my bank has to offer instead of this, and I am a LONG TIME Quicken bill pay user.
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    I've been using Quicken since its inception, in the mid 80's or so. [removed-rant] As far as Bill Manager, I have deleted all my accounts and will be using Bank Billpay and using Quicken just as a check register. It will be a two step process, but well worth the time.
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