Strangeness with the internal calendar for Investing pages

Hi - I have this incorrect behavior with the calendar, in all the Investing panels. I'll try to describe it. All my investments are US, but my machine is configured for the NZ time zone, for Reasons. Here is what happens -

Because there is about a day difference, I never use "today's" date, I always have to put it back by one day. That's fine, but here's the problem, using today as the example.

In the timezone the machine is set to, it is Sep 2nd. In the US it's Sep 1st .

In the investing panels, the date comes up as 02/Sep. Correct.

I go to the "Price and Holdings as of" and type in 01 for the day, and it changes itself back to 02 .

To get it to go back to 01/Sep, I have to select 31/August from the calendar.

I always have to select the day before the date I want, in every case, to get the day I want.

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