Downloaded transaction matching

Have a transaction in the register. When I download from a bank it sees it as match. When I try to accept, it just does not accept. I remove it from the register and make a new transaction, then it accepts.

other example,

I have Bank of America and Digital Credit Union (DCU). Wrote a DCU check used Bank of America mobile deposit. B of A accepted, I see it in B of A register. Gave DCU as category in B of A register. It shows up as payment in DCU register. Few days later, transaction clears in DCU. Now DCU downloads a transaction into its register. It shows as a match. When I try to accept in DCU, nothing happens at first. Then creates a new transaction in DCU and existing transaction disappears from the register. New transaction appears. I accept it as a new. Old transaction is not visible, but the amount somewhere gets subtracted in the register. So it subtracts twice.

Pl help.


  • Tom Young
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    This is a weird situation as clearly something's wrong.  My first approach here would to see if a validation of the file helps.  Do File > File Operations > Copy... and then, using the copied file, validate the file. 
  • Please elaborate. What am I looking after validate? I have 3 files, 2 business and one personal. It is doing same on all files. Will try personal tonite.

  • Tom Young
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    Well, the situation you describe just shouldn't happen, but strange things happen sometimes when the data base (your file) gets corrupted.  The hope here is that validating he file eliminates the corruption and the next time you do a download and Quicken finds a "match", accepting the match will work as it should. But if this is happening in all your files that suggests that there's something going on "locally" - some aspect of what you're doing, where you're storing your files, or something - that's causing this behavior.
    Try validating one of the files as I've described the process and see if that fixes things.  If it does, great.  But if it doesn't I'd then suggest contacting Quicken support directly
    and they can screen share with you and watch what's goes on when Quicken find a match that it won't accept in the usual fashion and figure out why this is happening.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    @Murali Suddala - Since you are seeing this same issue with multiple data files it indicates that there might be a problem with the installed Quicken program.  Did you recently update your Quicken program?  Several people who recently updated have reported odd Quicken behavior.  From the posts that I've read there doesn't appear to be a pattern, just that something which used to work properly no longer works.
    What they have reported is that uninstalling Quicken and then downloading and installing it again fixed their problem.  You might want to try doing that.  You can download the program from your account or from How do I download Quicken from to install or reinstall it?.  (If you run into any issues with the uninstall/reinstall:
    Let us know if you do this and if it resolved your issue.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken. It seemed to have worked on several transactions. I was happy that the problem resolved. One of the transactions (check deposit) did not clear the bank yesterday. It cleared and downloaded into my register today. I put in a transaction for this deposit in the register yesterday. Today, when it cleared from the bank, came into the bottom, it shows as a match. I hit accept. Nothing happens, but the one in the register I entered yesterday disappeared.

    Now, I wanted to try Tom's suggestion. I made a copy, validated the copy, showed no errors. The transaction was there at the bottom. Accepted into the register as a new transaction. It went OK.

    Now as a test, made a DCU check, deposited into Bank of America. Tomorrow, B of A will download a transaction for this check. I will accept it with a category as DCU. It will create a payment in DCU register. When DCU clears it next week, will get a transaction into DCU register. Will see it gets accepted or does same as last time.