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Off-line mode is needed for entering transactions along with being able to crop attachments either back at the desktop or within the mobile device. Reports within the Mobile App would be awesome, too. Showing Credit Limit for each CC would be helpful!

I love the weekends and my parter and I go on mini-road trips and make discoveries on our adventures. I recently downloaded Quicken for Mac, setup my online and manual accounts, modified categories, and created tags to help with reporting and for me to keep up with my spending, budget, and goals. I even brought in transactions from January 1st for everything but my credit card accounts (working on it, still). Now, I have a good idea what I've spent my money on during the year! With tags, I have one called "Weekend Trips" so that immediately, I can see how much I am spending so I can stop the bleeding when it gets out of hand, and there are times when it has! In the past, I wouldn't know for a couple of weeks and by then I've blown through another weekend trip!

I got Quicken Mobile setup - it's very easy and straightforward and one of the best apps to enter transactions on the fly. That is, until we were on a trip and cell phone service was little to nothing on the reception and I spent five minutes in suspension trying to enter my transaction. I had done this with two other transactions and it was horrible. Even at one point, we stopped to walk on a trail and I was on my phone trying to enter a Quicken transaction for 17 minutes.

It's important. I usually have most of the transaction already entered so that all I need to do enter the amount. As far as making an attachment, I have to snap a picture of the receipt with my camera, crop within my photo app, then go to Quicken for Mobile and add the cropped attachment.

Because I am unable to create transactions on the fly, I end up with a photo album with receipts and by the time I get home, I just give up and transfer ALL photos to the computer and just leave them there. Not cool.

Another issue that I have is not knowing how much is left on a credit card for me to use over the weekend so I end up using one with the biggest credit limit only to end up spending too much! Not a good way to control my finances! I want to utilize each of my cards, but want to do so in a balanced way.

Overall, Quicken Mobile is mostly providing a good experience and it has helped me to keep up with my finances so long as I have internet, which is much of the time. I want to 100% rely on Quicken Mobile while out and about. When it works, I am better informed and find my spending habits have vastly improved.

Lastly, reports. I would love to see the mobile apps run reports - or rather, dashboards that are more catered to our desktop reports. One thing I am finding useful is budgets - now that I have my budget setup correctly, I am finding the budget dashboard quite helpful.

I would love to hear what anyone else is doing. How are you using the Quicken Mobile app. What are you doing to work around not having any connection while you are on the go. Let's keep everything in perspective... Quicken has worked their tail off to get everything to this point and it's going to take awhile to address these concerns, but we need to let them know what it is we are needing - what is working for us and what isn't. In the end, it is us who has to manage our own money and we need to have confidence in the tools we use.

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