Proper LOT assignment for Put Options Does not work

hyperstock Member ✭✭
edited September 2020 in Investing (Mac)
I sold the same put at two different times...Each time equal amount of contracts (50) for a total of (100) portfolio settings are all set to LIFO...i bought back 50 of those contracts.... Quicken should have taken the later date purchase to calculate the Realized gain/loss ... It did not.. Tried to make the correction by editing the specified lots for the downloaded transaction and frankly that won't let you and keeps giving an error of over -assigned Shares...Which i a not doing and frankly that feature is worthless when it comes to Options... Now i have an incorrect Realized P/L for the year.... Cmon Quicken get the option stuff working properly or you also have a problem with your specify Lots feature too. Help!!!!


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