How to correct a pending transaction error?

Since November, a transaction, now marked as cleared by Wells Fargo, has caused a "Current Balance" listing, showing up at the bottom of the register under an aqua line. Subsequent downloads cleared what may have initially been a pending transaction. How do I get Quicken to agree with Wells Fargo and return it to the proper place in the register? Thx!

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    Hello @catherinewalker5418

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. When you click on the transaction does quicken let you accept it? It sounds like it's a pending transaction in the register. Also if you right click on the transaction does it list any options like accept/delete. If you can delete it I would recommend adding it as a manual transaction if needed so that you still have it in the register.

     If you wouldn't mind could you upload a screenshot of what it looks like just to make sure This can help us narrow down exactly what's happening. Once you get a chance let us know a bit more!


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  • catherinewalker5418
    Thanks for your reply. (It may be helpful to add one more clue. I manually download account activity from Wells Fargo once a month: I do not use the continuous download option.) Your application allowed me to insert only one screenshot, image.png. A right click on the transaction brings up a normal, very long, in-context drop box, including Delete, but no Accept. A left click on the clr column entry (a bold "c") brings up a normal drop box, Uncleared, Cleared, Reconciled, Reconcile Ctrl+R . I do understand that I can delete this entry and re-enter a manual transaction. Is this the only solution for now and if Quicken fails to resolve a pending transaction again? Cathy
  • catherinewalker5418
    You are right! I did not notice that the date was in the future, likely something that happened with my user error. It does take a village. Thank you!
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