Many positions disappearing from quicken 2020 Mac

I have a number of accounts with different financial institutions, including Schwab, Vanguard and others. At Schwab, one account has had all security positions disappeared. The underlying Buy and Reinvest transactions are still there. In two other accounts (Schwab and UBS Financial Services), one position each has disappeared. All other accounts are correct and match the firms' online websites.

Anybody have any ideas?


  • scott abbey
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    The accounts list on the left side of my screen shows an Investing Total. If I click on the total, I get a graph and portfolio summary in the main part of the screen that should show the Bonds, Large Cap stock, etc. in that group. The totals for the two do not match - the portfolio summary is correct (I think, at least it's close to correct) while the accounts list Investing Total is 16% less. The same dollar difference applies for the Brokerage section in the accounts list.

    If I drill down in the portfolio summary for either Investing or Brokerage, the individual positions show. If I look at the portfolio summary for a single account, they are missing.

    The Account Summary report is also missing the 16% of positions.

    So Quicken has the positions in its database, but is unable to display them and count them in either an individual account Portfolio screen or in the Accounts list on the left sidebar.

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    Hello @scott abbey

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your question, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    May I ask that you confirm where your data file stored?

    You can find this information by holding the 'Control' key and selecting the file name along the top.

    You should see a list shown below, this is the path to the file.

    Do you see any mention of Dropbox or One Drive? Storing the active data file in a cloud drive can cause the type of issues you have described.

    Please let me know!
    -Quicken Tyka
  • scott abbey
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    The data is stored on the Mac internal SSD. And the data has not disappeared; it shows in certain aggregate views such as when I look at all Brokerage or all Investments. It does not show when I look at the individual accounts.
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    @scott abbey  Just to lay the file location issue to rest, can you confirm whether it is in Quicken's default location (in Library > Application Support > Quicken > Documents, as shown in Tyka's screenshot above) or some other location. Here's why I'm asking. If you have it in a folder that's on your Desktop or in your Documents folder, and if you you are using the default macOS option to store Desktop and Documents in iCloud, your Quicken data file is in the cloud without you being aware of it. So this is why the actual location of your data file is a question. There are easy ways around this, but we need to know if this is or is not a factor.

    I'm still not sure I understand what you mean when you say the security positions have disappeared. It would help if you could describe what screens you are looking at. I'm guessing you're saying that if you are on the Transactions tab and viewing the register, you see the transactions for the "missing" security, but if you switch to the Portfolio tab and set your filers to view by Portfolio Value Grouped by Security, one or more Securities are not showing up there? If so, my next thought would be to look for a possible Placeholder transaction in your register which is setting the security value to zero and making it not show up in the portfolio view. But that doesn't explain your comment about the security showing when viewing account Groups, so I'm still puzzled. Is the As Of date on the individual account the same as when you view the account Group? If you are able to capture some screen shots -- blocking out any amounts you wish to keep private -- it might help in understanding what you're describing.
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  • scott abbey
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    @jacobs Here's a screen shot of the file info. It's it the right place. I did check all of the transactions for the missing positions, and there were no placeholders. But all of the transactions that should be there were there (AFAICT), just the account position screen showed no position.

    BUT ... I installed the 5.18 September release this morning and the positions are back. So I'm going to mark this as resolved for the moment.

    Thanks for all the help.
  • jacobs
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    @scott abbey First, I'm glad the problem seems to be resolved! Second, wow that seems weird! ;) I'm not aware of other reports similar to yours. The release notes for 5.18.0 and 5.18.1 don't include the normal notes about what bugs were fixed, so it's impossible to know if there was a specific bug that was fixed. 
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