Why is investment information not filled in budget income, although categories are listed?

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Although investment income categories are listed in version 5.17.6, amounts are listed as 0. This makes the budget useless for retirees living on investments.


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    This answer is from a Quicken Windows user so I don't know if the analogy holds but...
    In Windows Quicken when you set up a budget you select the Categories you want to budget for but then you also select what Accounts will "feed" transactions to the budget.  So if I Windows user posted your question I'd tell them to go back to the budgeting section and make sure to select their investment Accounts as a source of information.
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    @megnmac  From a Mac user, I'd agree with Tom Young's post above: the first thing is to make sure you have included the appropriate Categories and Accounts in your budget.

    You do this by opening your budget, then clicking the Edit Budget link. At the bottom of that screen, there are buttons for Select Categories and Select Accounts. Click Select Accounts to make sure it is set to All Accounts, or if you're selecting specific Accounts, that it includes your Investment Accounts. 

    Then click Select Categories and make sure the appropriate investment income categories are selected. If you've migrated from Quicken 2007, be aware that that Quicken 2007 investment categories likely still exist in your database, but they are not the ones used by modern Quicken Mac. The Quicken 2007 categories begin with a bullet (e.g. "•Div Income"), while the Quicken Mac categories are all Sub-Categories of the Investments category (e.g. "Investments:Dividend Income"). Make sure you have Sub-Categories of Investments which are relevant to you selected.

    Then, if your budget is set to start 1/2020, you should see all your investment income from January through now in your budget. 

    Post again to let us know if you've been able to get the investment income to show up or not.
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