State Employees Credit Union NC - OL-220-A Errors



  • Kasidea
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    Got this yesterday from SECU NC --so far fingers crossed it is working:

    Dear Member,

    Thank you for the message. We implemented a change in our direct connect method that should allow members to connect freely to Quicken using your login credentials. Could you please attempt to run a one-step update on your Quicken software and attempt to download your transactions again? Please let us know if this does not work for you so we can troubleshoot further. Thank you.
  • Kasidea
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    Oh and also I received a Quicken update Release R 33.19 this morning 5-7-21. I loaded the update before doing a transaction update with SECU NC so not sure whose fix worked or maybe it was a combination
  • Chris_QPW
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    @Kasidea I think is just how the message sent to you stated, your financial institution fixed it.  If you read back there is a person didn't get the patch yet and still is working for him/her.  You will also note that the release notes for the patch say nothing about it.
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  • Barbara207
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    [removed - no soliciting] I think it is a Quicken problem and not on the bank's end because Quicken "fixed" it but then the errors started coming in again. Bank says it is Quicken and there is nothing they can do. Does anyone know for sure if it is a Quicken or bank problem??
  • jjmdj
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    All I know is that my SECU downloads have been working without problems since my system got the R33.19 update. It wouldn't surprise me if both parties had a hand in the fix.
  • Kasidea
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    OK my SECU downloads have been working since my May 7 message. Today I did the R33.24 update and NOW I'm getting error code OL-330-A and just now OL-294-A. NEVER FAILS updates for me cause issues. I usually don't do them right away because of this but today I read what it was about so did it. Sigh . . . These is becoming quite ridiculous!
  • Ken McAdams
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    Kasidea, I also have the R33.24 version. I just did a successful SECU download. You might want to start a new topic, mentioning those error codes.
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