Quicken for Mac in Canada...Questions Before I Buy

I've tried the free 30 days trials in the past and have run into issues with several features so hoping to get a few questions answered before I try again. For clarity, I'm in Canada and am specifically looking for advice on Quicken for Mac.

1) I previously noticed that Quicken for Mac would not automatically download transactions for CIBC bank accounts, it would only download/import qfx/ofx files instead of direct download off all account simultaneously. Has this changed? Quicken for Windows would do direct download. How about Quicken Web, is it like the Mac version or the Windows version?
2) Quicken for Mac I noticed didn't handle reports very well when you had accounts in different currencies, the reports would not consolidate reports into local currency, it would show the report for the currencies separately. Does it still do that or will it consolidate and give a full picture in the home currency?


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