Problem resolved with french words with Quicken

Valderi Member ✭✭✭✭
We all know that Quicken does not support French language. However, we can very well name accounts or categories in French and use a french keyboard.

After years of research, I have just discovered the source of errors in the sum of certain items in my budget reports or plannings. The names of my various budget categories as well as those of my accounts are written in French with accents. I just found out that if the name of a category starts with a vowel with an accent (e.g. "Épargne" (Savings)), Quicken will not add up the income or expenses of that category. Simply rename the category with a vowel without accent (e.g. "Epargne" (Savings)) and everything fits in order.

The names of the categories and accounts should not contain a French accent on the first letter but may contain them within the word (e.g. "Evénement sportifs" (Sports Events) will be OK but not "Événements sportifs".

In conclusion, if you use one of the names in French for your categories, never use accent on first vowel of a name and you will have no problem with your reports. I hope this will help my French or French Canadian friends.


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