crashed when selecting backup, can’t find data file

i’m on q2007 for mac (16.2.4 build 25.886.100). i have it set to backup upon exit but get an error that it can’t so last night when i chose backup to disk, it just crashed. when i went back into it, it opened an older file and i’ve lost 2 months of data entry. it’s not that much so i’m fine to redo it but if it happens again i want to know where to find my data file. i searched these forums and tried the suggestions like holding down shift when opening quicken just opened the older data file again and didn’t prompt me to start new, holding down option then going to go, library, quicken didn’t find anything in the documents folder as suggested it would.

i’ve also done a ton of searches in finder and there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of old backup files and old data files all with the same date (but no time stamp) of 1/8/08 and 7/20/06 and tons of seemingly empty folders.

a search for quicken on my mac brings up 1,699 items that (i guess?) are part of the backend quicken files. like i said, it’s not that much to just re-input the info but if this happens again i want to know where to find it. why there isn’t a “save” option so i could just limp along is super frustrating.

please don’t tell me i need to upgrade, i have already purchased the newer version but not being able to import the reports i need to file my taxes is a big deal and upgrading won’t happen this year.

can anyone tell me how to find my data file when the normal solutions that worked for others didn’t help me?

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    A Spotlight search for the string kind:"Quicken 2007 Data" may be a good way to find real Quicken data files and not also turn up files with Quicken in their name. Be sure to use the quotes around the part of the string after the colon - they are required because of the spaces in the kind label.

    Then after clicking on Show all in Finder, in the finder window, sort the list by Date and pick the most likely candidate Quicken file(s).

    You might want to display the kind value for files displayed in Finder while doing this search. Right-click on the columns heading in a Finder window and enable display of the kind column (or enable it in View > Show View Options). And the Finder window presentation should be set to View > as List.

    Included in this list will be files named simply Data File. These are not actual Quicken data files but rather internal components of a Quicken data file package. You can confirm this by looking at the path to the file: if the path ends in Contents > Data File then it IS part of a package. Ignore them. To see the path to the file, it is useful in Finder to enable View > Path bar. Then when you select any file, the path to the file will appear at the bottom of the Finder window.
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