Wells Fargo Access Question

I'm using Quicken for the Mac ver 5.18.2 on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.7

When I have quicken update from Wells Fargo I get a message back saying 'invalid credentials.' So I use the 'Update passwords' option on the Quicken window that reports the error.

I input my username and password. Quicken connects with the bank and confirms that I have the correct info. I then try to re-connect with Wells and all goes well. If I try again sometime later, I get the same error. I've re-entered credentials successfully a half dozen times with success each time but it's as if Quicken forgets the info a while later. Weirdly
ought I'm not even closing quicken between tries.

Does quicken have Alzheimers? (short term memory loss)
How can I resolve this irritating issue?

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