One purchase paid with two credit/gift cards

I'm trying to enter a recent purchase that was paid for partially by a gift debit card and the balance by a credit card. I already have an account set up for each card.
How do I enter this transaction?
2 transactions, one in each account for that account's contribution? That seems messy. What am I missing?


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    I suggest using a split transaction in one of the accounts with an entry for the purchase and an entry that is a transfer of the balance of the purchase from the other account.
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    If both credit card accounts are in Quicken and downloading, I personally would just wait for the two transactions to download and categorize them as whatever the category is for that purchase.

    That is what happened.

    If you think two transactions are messy trying to bring this into one account when two are really involved is going to get really messy.

    I started to explain how you might enter that, but it is so messy I'm not even going there.
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  • Listen to Sherlock,

    Here is how I would do this

    Let's say you bought a $20 shirt at WalGet, using $10 from Gift_Card and $10 from Debit_Card.

    In Debit_Card register, enter a transaction for Payee WalGet with split categories for $10. The Split Categories would be Clothing for $20 and [Gift_Card] for -$10.

    This will result in a transaction in Gift_Card and Debit_Card.

    good luck
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    @Monte Kern Another variation I have on the suggestions already made, is to record all your gift cash and cards in one Quicken cash account, instead of trying to track each gift card as a separate account.

    Then the entry in the split described above can be drawn from one common cash account, keeping things a bit simpler.

    If you really want to keep things as simple as possible, don't track these gift cards at all, just spend them.  Are a few $25 gift cards going to make a significant difference to your overall financial picture?

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