Dividend error in Mac Q2007 to Mac Q Deluxe 2020 conversion

:/ Recently made above conversion. Mostly went OK; some weirdness in initial entries for some brokerage accounts, but these were correctable to within a $ or so. However, one account has major problem I couldn't resolve. One stock account would automatically transfer dividend earnings each quarter to a money market account at the same company. This was easy to do manually in Q2007 (I never used auto updating). These transfers were lost in the conversion. In the new Q Deluxe file, the money market account has the correct amount; each transferred amount is shown as a Buy with the money coming from ??, i.e., outside of Quicken? In the stock account, the stock holdings are accurate, but each of the previous cash transfers shows as a withdrawal that reduces the value of the holding, with no sense of where this cash might be going. It is possible I might be able to correct these manually, but there are 20 years worth (~80) such transactions! Any ideas?

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