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I used the Paycheck Setup Wizard to create a recurring deposit to my savings account for my paychecks. I setup the recurring deposit to show the gross pay and all the individual deductions for taxes, insurance, etc. Then once they are in the register, I match them with the deposits downloaded from my credit union.

Now imagine my surprise when I go to reconcile my register with my bank statement and I don't see the paychecks in my check register?! So I create a new recurring deposit (because there is no way to "manually" enter a paycheck) using the paycheck wizard to enter the missing paychecks and enter the missing paycheck for a certain date.

Then I go into the account register for my savings account and behold, THE PAYCHECK ISN'T THERE!!! But I notice that the account balance appears to have been updated in the Account Bar. So where did the the paycheck transactions go? Can I trust the account balance shown in my account register?

What is going on here?

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  • Andy Nestor
    Andy Nestor Member ✭✭
    I was too quick to say this didn't answer my question. In fact, it did. I didn't have any filters applied (or so I thought) and it was already sorted by date. The kicker was clicking the Reset button! That fixed it!
  • dcarlson
    dcarlson Member
    I'm also having this problem, but the fix from above is not helping!
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @dcarlson You'll get better visibility for your issue if you start your own thread ... rather than piggy-backing on this resolved issue.  If the described fix didn't help you ... then it's not the same problem.

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