Non Linked Bill and Income Reminders; Stale Reminder prompts on entry.

I do not use Quicken BillPay.
I ported from 2017 Home and Business.

I have three weekly reminders. The amounts changed ~ 6 weeks ago. I deleted the reminders and created new ones (In a different account).

Each time I enter one of these reminders (manually thru Bill and Income Reminders) I get six prompts (Stale prompts) . They appear to be for the 2 deleted reminders on three successive days. (Around the time I deleted them, cannot be sure)

After I suffer thru the six prompts and save the entry the entry shows as 'skipped'.

I checked 'Bill Income Reminder' list: These entries do not exist.
I checked 'Memorized Transactions' list: One of the entries did exist, I deleted it, restarted Quicken. I still get the same prompts, same dates.
This happens weekly.

Is there a way to delete these stale prompts?
Using Quicken since the 1980's

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  • DJW
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    > @Quicken Anja said:
    > Hello @DJW,
    > Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.
    > First, could you please provide which version of Quicken you currently have running?* Help > About Quicken
    > To start with, the first thing that I suggest you try is to validate your data file by following the steps below--* First Save a backup of your data file (just in case) 
    > * Go to File
    > * File Operations
    > * Validate and Repair
    > * Validate File
    > * Ok
    > * Close the data log that will pop-up after the validation has completed
    > * Close Quicken
    > * Wait at least 5 seconds
    > * Reopen Quicken
    > * Try again to see if the issue reoccurs/remains the same or gets corrected
    > You can also try super validating which are the same steps as above except that you will hold Ctrl and Shift on your keyboard when clicking on Validate and Repair in order to get the option for Super Validate.
    > Let us know how it goes!

    I am on Build
    I performed the standard validate file procedure and the stale prompts appear to have disappeared.

    Todays transactions are in the future, they now show Status as 'Skipped' in the Bill and Income Reminders pane. 'Skipped' is nonsensical, as they have been 'Entered'.... But that is a different issue..

    Thank You for your help!
    Using Quicken since the 1980's
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