When I initially login or perform an update on iPad, one account always needs "swipe to fix it"

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When I first log-in or after I sync all accounts on my iPad, one of my bank accounts (Wells Fargo) always tells me that I need to swipe to fix it. I am positive that the credentials I enter are correct but yet it never stops giving me the same alert. I have deleted it and reset it up but it still has the same problem. How can this be fixed?

Also, I have a closed bank account that is having the same alert. There is no way to log-in to that account since it is closed. But yet, it always asks me to fix it. I have reopened it and closed it again but yet the alert persists. There should be an option to not have those alerts on closed accounts.

I am running OS 10.15.7

App Version : 6.2.0 (38.21430.4012)
iOS SDK: 14.0.1
Model : iPad6,11
DatasetId : 218456446787124480
Dataset Platform : QMAC
Dataset Count : 3

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