Can I download my Quicken file from the cloud to a new computer?

I left my laptop that I normally use for Quicken at work. I have Quicken loaded on my home computer. Would like to download my files that I have synced on the cloud to my home computer. Is that possible.

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  • Rich_M
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    @thegordons Yes, you can do that as long as you didn't leave your laptop running with Quicken open, otherwise any changes you made at work will not have been synched to the cloud yet.

    After you're done using Quicken at home, make sure you upload the data file back to the cloud so your work laptop will have the latest changes.

    Ideally, you should set these computers up so they both synch to the same cloud service so that this process is automated for you.  If you do that make sure you always close Quicken on one computer before opening it on the other.

    BTW, which cloud service are you using to store your data file.
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    "synced on the cloud" HOW?  Unless it was a cloud backup system like DropBox or Carbonite, the "sync on the cloud" in Quicken is only the accounts that you have setup for QMobile and can not be "downloaded"/ synced  to a different computer.
    Tell us what you meant by "synced on the cloud" and you will get a better answer.
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  • Well I'm not sure. When I close Quicken it asks me if I want to:
    "Sync Changes to the Quicken Cloud"
    I do that pretty frequently. I was hoping I could retrieve the latest sync and open it on my other computer.
  • By the way, I did not leave Quicken Open on my other computer so that should not be a problem.
  • Thanks. I'll have to wait until I get back to the office next week. I'll take your advice and set up OneDrive. Thanks
  • Rich_M
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    @thegordons I use OneDrive myself, its easy to setup because it's built into Windows.  Just be aware that OneDrive uploads your changes to the cloud after you exit Quicken, so make sure you do that before you attempt to open your data file on your other computer.  You don't want to have Quicken open on both computers accessing the same data file at the same time.
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