Recording Reversed Reinvestment

In December 2019, my Investment firm posted a reinvestment which was downloaded into Quicken as a ReinvLg. In February, they reversed the reinvestment (replacing it with a reinvestment of a slightly different number of shares, but the same Inv. Amt), but the reversal didn't download. What is the correct way to record the reversal?


  • Tom Young
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    Although Quicken's ReinvLg action will accept a negative dollar amount it won't accept a negative share amount so that approach won't work.  It appears that at this point you have two ReinvLg transactions so the most direct way of dealing with this would be to simply delete the December 2019 transaction.
    If you don't want to delete that December 2019 transaction, and instead want to affect only 2020, then the only method I can think of would be to sell the number of shares posted in that December 2019 transaction at the same per share price used in the purchase, and specify that lot of shares as the ones "sold."  That will result in no gain or loss on the sale, but it will put phantom cash into the Account.  Then, using a MiscExp action, expense that cash to get cash in the Account correctly stated.  You don't have access to the original _LTCapGnDst Category so you'll have to substitute your own Category here.
    Assuming that the Februrary 2020 ReinvLg action was what you reported on your income tax return, then deleting that original December 2019 and then using that same date on the transaction downloaded in February 2020 is probably the "most correct" approach.
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    I would likely delete the December 2019 transaction and manually enter the the February corrections on that same December date. I’d use the memo field or a reminder transaction for clarification. 
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    [edited upon further reflection]

    Probably it would be best to figure out the date your broker has recorded for the transactions(s). If the transaction date is still December, you could  edit the original Reinvest to reflect the corrected data. You could add a note in the Memo field to remind you what happened. Since the dollar amount has not changed, this should not affect your 2019 taxes, but will change the number of shares in the tax lot when you sell.

    If there is a transaction this year, you should record it separately.
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    I have the same issue reversing the reinvestment income. Is Quicken development reviewing this ticket to add this ability to the product. I have used Quicken for over 30 years... wasn't there a DOS version?...
    In my humble opinion, this seams like a trivial request. thanks Jim
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