My categorized transactions have become "uncategorized" after a cloud reset! HELP

Val Anne Beth Welch
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Yesterday, I was troubleshooting a problem with the mobile platform. One of my accounts wasn't updating. So I went to the Quicken FAQ'S and found out that doing a cloud reset might fix the problem, and it did. However, I now have a much bigger problem, and that is nearly all my categorized transactions have reverted to "uncategorized". This is catastrophic because it's how I do my taxes! I can't imagine I'd have to manually re-categorize each and every one one at a time?!?!? There are literally thousands of would be an impossible an onerous job. I will be trying to do a time machine restoration of Quicken files on my Mac. I'm praying that works, but if anyone has any other advice for me, I'd love to hear it. [removed-rant]

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  • Val Anne Beth Welch
    Thank you. Doing that fixed it and all my uncategorized transactions are now re-categorized. Unfortunately I found out that my most recent backup was 2 weeks old, so I had to manually re-enter a few transactions. I guess I'll be shutting down Quicken every night, since it only seems to back up when I shut down.
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