Quicken QIF Export/Import missing transactions

I recently lost 4 credit card account from Quicken Primer (Windows), latest update.

I am manually recreating the CC accounts and using QIF Export/Import to move the transaction from a backup, but I am finding that I am missing some of the transactions.

Any idea why I having these QIF porting issues?



  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Did you check the QIF file export to see if the transactions were in it?
    Subscription Quicken (2018+) does not do any matching or renaming when doing a QIF import, so it should not "lose" anything being imported.
    I recently did a test rebuild of my investment accounts and EVERY transaction showed up in the new file.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    What type of transactions are you missing?
    If they are transfers make sure you understand what "Special handling for transfers" means.

    What it means is to remove the "from side" of every transfer.

    The idea behind this is that Quicken was terrible at matching transfers during a QIF import (and in the Subscription version they don't even try any more).  So by removing one side of the transfer the other side when imported would put in a transfer transaction that was in both accounts.

    Clearly if you are only importing one side of the transfer and not all the accounts, you can have "missing transactions".

    And for the record even when you import both accounts this does work nicely since if you have a split transaction with a transfer in it, it is this part it drops.  Which means when the other account provides the transfer your split transaction is now multiple transactions.
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  • williamspl
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    I first tries using "Special Handling" that was not successful, then restored and tried without it.

    I finally resolved my issue by first Validating my database that caused all transactions to import.

    I hope I now have all my missing accounts and transactions now resolved.