Unable to extend subscription with 40% off offer

Upon receiving today's update, I saw in Add On Services a notice that subscriptions were 40% off for today only. It even stated that existing subscribers would have their time added to the existing subscription. After entering all info and signing in, it would not allow me to proceed, stating that my subscription is valid until June 2021. What gives? Make an offer, make the customer waste their time entering info, only to say "nope, you can't do that". Hopefully they'll address this and make it right because this isn't cool at all.


  • Bioman
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    Think you have to be within 6 months, of expiration to be able to renew. From Quicken Help "If you're not signed up for auto-renew, six months prior to your membership renewal date, you'll be able to purchase your membership renewal at Quicken.com. "
  • splasher
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    The issue is more probably in the small print.  Quicken.com tends to only offer 40% off to "new" users of Quicken.  To be a "new" user, you have to use a Quicken Id that does not have a current subscription or a subscription that has been expired at least 30 days.
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    @splasher is correct.  The -40% offer does indicate it is for new subscriptions only.

    However, Office Depot/Max is currently advertising a similar offer.  There is a downloadable offer for new subscribers only but it appears that the standard CD versions can be purchased in the stores with a similar discount.   o:)
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    Amazon is offering the same discounted price, at least for the Deluxe version, I notice it didn't apply to the Premier version.
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