Categorized Expenses in Other Category

I don't understand the point of the 'Other' Category in the Spending by Category chart of the Home screen. I am seeing some expenses in there that are categorized for other sections of the chart - why aren't they being shown there?

Example: I have a student loan charge that should be showing in the Education wedge of the chart (just like other expenses from the same vendor are showing), but instead I see this expense listed in the Other category.

Is there some way to remove items from Other that should be assigned to specific larger categories?

Just getting Quicken set up and I am very new to the program, so apologies if this is an easy answer.


  • jacobs
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    I'm not sure if this is what you're describing, but keep in mind that loan payments are transfers from your checking account to a loan liability account, and transfers are no expenses (even though they feel like it).
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  • michico
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    I think I follow your point, but I don't think this is the same thing, primarily because I am seeing other expenses from the same Payee showing up properly in the Education wedge. So to be clearer - I have two expenses to the same Payee, both categorized as Education: Student Loan, but one of them shows up in the Education wedge category from the pie chart, while the other shows up in the Other wedge, even though I see them both assigned the same Education: Student Loan category for the item.
  • NotACPA
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    If you have a category with multiple sub-cats, and input a transaction that uses the Category name, but you don't include a subcat, it's recorded as "Other"

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  • michico
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    This makes sense, but I don't know if it matches my dilemma. Using my example again, both expenses for the same amount and to the same Payee were assigned the categories of Education: Student Loan; however, from the Home screen that shows Spending by Category, one shows up in the Education wedge and the second shows up in the Other wedge.

    This is only happening on that Home screen view of the Spending by Category pie chart. When I actually look at the full set of transactions in the window that opens when you click on a wedge, they are all properly showing up in Education.
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