How to budget for one-time annual expenses?

I'm just setting up my first Quicken budget. I have lots of expenses that are just once or twice a year such as home insurance, auto insurance, city and county property taxes, etc. When filling in the budget, is the best practice to put the entire amount of what the payment will be in the month it's due or to divide it up by 12 and put that amount in each month?


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  • martinrice
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    Thanks, Tom Young. That's the way I was leaning and glad to have it confirmed by you.
  • jacobs
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    Yes, as Tom says, you're not splitting your annual expenses evenly over 12 months, as a business would do, so there's no reason to do so in your budget. I'd enter an annual expense like home insurance in your budget in the month in which you pay it. 
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  • martinrice
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    Totally agree. Thanks.
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