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    Until the 2018 "model year", Quicken released a new version every September or October and it expired at the end of April four years later. So Quicken 2015 came out in September 2014, and it expired April 30, 2018. Quicken 2016 came out in fall 2015 and expired in April 2019. Quicken 2017 came out in fall 2016 and expired in April 2020. It didn't matter if you bought it the day it was released or nearly a year later, or later still on a closeout rack at a discount store -- the date for discontinuation was set for all who bought that year's release.

    They changed this when they switched to a subscription pricing model in fall 2017. Since then, you buy a subscription for a year (or two years) and you get exactly the time period you purchased, no matter when you bought it, so it's a more fair system. As long as your subscription is active, you receive all product releases, which no longer need to be timed for a big annual update in the fall -- so the developers can get new features and fixes to users sooner, and don't need to trump up new features to market each fall. That makes this better for users and better for the developers. Of course, as part of the change, they raised the price per year of ownership for most users, so some users saw it as a money grab by Quicken. On the flip side, they need to make enough money to fund ongoing support and development -- and generate payback for the investment company that freed them from purgatory under former parent Intuit. 

    In the end, every user decides if Quicken is worth the cost for what it does for them. Some people have no problem with the annual cost, while others think it should cost $10/year, or $30 once a decade. Some people find other finance tools for free or less and switch; some people find other tools don't have the same combination of benefits as Quicken and return/remain as Quicken users. There's no one-size-fits-all answer. Best wishes in figuring out what's best for your needs.
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    Thanks, well I used to Quicken even though I only use if for an hour or two each years and only use 1% of it's features... $50 year not horrible, though not good as standalone, less for 2 years Mac?
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    I think they dropped the two-year subscription, starting this year I am not seeing it anywhere now.
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    Have similar issue as Kevs, used Quicken Starter 2010 for years and just recently decided to start over with updated transactions. Knowing now what has been explained very well in this thread, would anyone wish to add what I need to know if I choose to get Quicken Starter Edition 2021. Will I still be able to download OFX file from bank and edit that file like I use to and rename to QFX extension ? If it's best to start new thread, so be it ?
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