Is there a place to report "bugs"

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I'm talking about the simple, obvious variety that should go directly to the Dev team. Things like a field won't save the data entered, or an obvious display problem and stuff like that. No need to bother the community with it.


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    How about HELP, Contact Quicken Support?
    You can't  contact the Dev team directly ...  but if your bug is legitimate, Q Support can relay the issue.
    OR, if you post it here, the SuperUsers and Mods can review it and relay it.

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    I've reported a couple of issues to Quicken Support and never even got an acknowledgement.
  • Chris_QPW
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    In general there isn't any way to submit and problem and then "track it".
    Quicken Inc doesn't expose its bug system to the public, and they usually send "acknowledgements".

    There are basically three ways you can submit a problem.
    1. Post here on this forum.  But note it is very seldom that the development team or even the moderators will post an acknowledgement that it has been submitted to their bug system.  But they do say that they look at this forum.
    2. Help -> Report a problem.  This is sent to the development team, but again there isn't going to be an acknowledgment.
    3. Contact Quicken Support.  This isn't the development team, but they can submit a bug and tell you that they did that.  Contact Quicken Support
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