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I recently changed from Quicken Home and Business for Windows to Quicken Premier for Mac. I have transactions that are scheduled direct with the vendor, or other items that I enter manually into the register in advance of the actual transaction taking place. When I get my bank update through web connect they automatically go straight into the register, and create duplicates to what I had manually created. In the Home and Business version, I was able to accept and/or manually match each transaction prior to it landing in my register. Is there any way to do this in the Quicken Premier for Mac?

If this is not possible, are their techniques to manually entering transactions so that they will automatically match the bank as they come in?

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  • RickO
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    In most cases, the download transaction should automatically match to the manually entered one. If it doesn't, drag and drop the downloaded transaction on top of the manual one and they will become matched. If the amounts differ, you will get a confirmation dialog.
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    Meanwhile, you can add your VOTE to Restore Transactions Downloading Acceptance and Matching workflow

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  • mcasteel
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    This just started happening for me on a Bank of America account I use for Bill Pay via Direct Connect. The pending payments, each assigned a number when Quicken sent them to the bank, do not get matched to the downloaded payment, they just sit in the register and cannot be deleted because they are 'pending' and have to be cancelled first--of course, they can't be cancelled either, presumably since the bank knows they have been paid. The completed payment transactions, with the same amounts but 'paid' instead of a number in the check # field, show up as duplicates. Dragging and dropping to merge the records is not permitted, the little circle-slash icon shows up when dragging either the original or the duplicate (the amounts match of course). Recovery consists of deleting the duplicate (acknowledging the alert about deleting a downloaded transaction) and putting a check mark in the Cleared box of the original. This may cause problems down the road, since Quicken is thinking that payment is still pending, at least that's why I can't delete it and have to delete the downloaded duplicate instead. This is using a newly-created file to which I imported ten years of history in order to get Direct Connect working after it failed. Quicken Version 6.0.1 (Build 600.37045.100) is what I'm using. No problems seen as yet in other accounts (which use Quicken Connect instead of Direct Connect).
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