Why does a withdrawal from a saving goal keep showing up when I reconcile?

I setup a savings goal for an annual bill I get. In September I completed a withdrawal and paid the bill. Every time I reconcile since this shows up as unreconciled. If I try to check the box to reconcile it created a difference. If I uncheck it to leave the difference returns to zero.


  • Tom Young
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    I'd guess you still have that money sitting the the "savings goal" Account and that Quicken is including that amount in whatever Account from which the saving goal money was taken when it tries to reconcile that Account. 
  • NotACPA
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    Any money assigned to a Q "Savings Goal", normally gets magically returned to the account during a reconcile (otherwise, you'd NEVER be able to reconcile).
    That money is then removed from the account, and returned to the savings goal when the reconciliation is completed.
    There's really nothing to reconcile re: the Savings goals ... since the money is really in the account the whole time .. it's just hidden except during a reconcile.

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  • YingDave
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    In previous time when reconcile I have allowed Quicken to make adjustments then gone out to the transaction register - found those entries (sort by date entered) and deleted them. Hopefully the items will be finally coded as reconciled and it will prevent them coming back. AS long as you capture all the adjustments it should not come back?
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