Why does file copy increase file size

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I was having trouble with very slow performance on Q2020 version R30.14 Build so my research led me to delete all my bills (manual and online) and do a File, File Operations, Copy. I noticed that just doing this copy increased my file size from 166KB to 186KB.

I understand that the file copy rebuilds the tables. why would the file size increase?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Brent,

    That is very unusual.  Typically when you do the File > File Operations > Copy the size of the file decreases because it gets rid of things like deleted transactions.  I have not heard of a file increasing is size after using that procedure.


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  • Sherlock
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    I have confirmed the initial File > File Operations > Copy... after upgrading to R30.14 does appear to produce a larger Quicken file for us as well, as does a subsequent File > File Operations > Validate and Repair....
  • Chris_QPW
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    My guess would be that they have recently decided to increase the size of one or more of the fields in the database.  People ask for this all the time whether they realized the ramifications or not.  Like "Why can't type more characters than XX in field YYY".  Most database fields are of a fixed size.  So if you want to go from 32 characters in the payee field to 60, every single transaction will be 28 characters larger.

    I just did a copy and my file size was actually reduced, but it could be increased recently and I didn't notice.  Once increased for the new field sizes it would go back to the normal behavior of usually getting smaller because of "deleted" records being removed.

    BTW unless you just created that data file or have very small amount of transactions I would think those numbers are in megabytes not kilobytes.

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  • Brent
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    You are right, the size of my files is in MB not KB. Thanks for the potential explanation. I would certainly like a larger field size for transaction memos and would be willing to put up with larger file sizes.
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