How do I see account performance by year?

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I'd like to be able to see YTD account performance for investing accounts. When in portfolio view, it shows me gain/loss for all securities currently held for the life of the account, but I cannot see performance of all securities in the account for the year, or for other years.


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    See if this gets you want you want, or at least in the neighborhood…

    In Portfolio view, select Performance from the first filter. Select Group by Security in the second filter. then click the columns icon on the far right side, and double click ROI (%) 1 Year or ROI (%) YTD to add one or both of those columns. That will give you a measure of performance for each security for the current year or past 12 months. you can also add 3 year, 5 year or all time ROI columns. But you can't specify arbitrary dates, to compare, for instance, performance in 2018 versus 2019.
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    Interesting thank you. I wonder how that number is calculated. It doesn't match the rate of return given by the investment firm with my portfolio and it doesn't match the calculation of how I would calculate current ROI (which is closer to the rate of my return given by the investment firm):

    (pe - (ps + dn)) / (ps + dn)

    pe = current portfolio value
    ps = portfolio value at beginning of year
    dn = deposits made to the account throughout the year
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