Sharing a common file between two computers

Due to extended periods away from my home desktop computer, I just bought a laptop to be able to manage Quicken on the road (I can't use Quicken on the Web because every time I attempt an online sync Quicken crashes and corrupts the data...Quicken's only suggestion was "then don't do that"). That said, when I'm home I'd prefer using my desktop. I thought Dropbox would be the best way to do this but found that was corrupting my files as well.

What's the best way to move the data between computers?


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    Just copy the file back and forth using either a thumbdrive or network storage as a pass-thru for the move.

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    You can use Dropbox if you like, but only to push the copy to the other machine.  Do not open the data file in the Dropbox folder.

    In other words. Either use the Windows File Explorer to copy the file in and out of Dropbox or maybe File -> Save a copy as... on the "from machine" to save it to the Dropbox folder.  And then Windows File Explorer on the other machine to copy it out of the Dropbox folder, and double click on it to open it.

    The old recommendation was to just use back up and restore, but now Quicken Inc is telling us the every time you use restore they make some kind of copy of the Quicken cloud data set and there is a limited number of them.  And if you hit that limit you have to call them to remove them.  So a simple copy seems to be best.
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