Sub-divide accounts to earmark funds within the account

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I would like to be able to break down the total amount in a savings account into "sub accounts" in order to allocate portions to planned or other future spending. For example, I have $3,000 in my savings and $500 is for semi-annual bills like insurance, $1,500 for travel, $1,000 savings, etc. It would be like splitting a transaction, where the total amount is the primary account balance.


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    Look at the Savings Goals on the Planning tab.
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    I would also like to have sub accounts for Savings. I use the Savings Goal feature, but reconciling can get a bit confusing. Sub accounts like QuickBooks allows would be great.
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    Features in Quickbooks are irrelevant.  They're no longer (for several years) owned by the same company.
    No "sub-accounts" are allowed in any account type in Quicken.
    SO, why don't "Savings Goals" work for you?

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    First off, "Savings Goals" transactions are not allowed to be 'Cleared' or 'Reconciled'. Also, balance in the account that the Savings Goal was taken from doesn't match the actual account, since some of the money, in Quicken, is in the Goal.