Can 2020 print output generator be fixed?

Since 2020, print output is being squeezed into 1/4 of page. Multiple pages being generated unnecessarily and are not useable. Printer selection makes no difference.

I have used QKN for many years. This is a new behavior. It is a very serious problem for me and it appears that it has existed for more than a year.


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    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Thank you. I previously read that thread and agreed all the negative comments.

    As suggested there, I change the scale of my windows display (to 100%) to get rational report formatting, but then the display on my 14" HP laptop is unreadable and the scale has to be returned to 150%. Since the old thread was over a year old and apparently ignored by the developers, despite several updates, I thought was was time to ask again for a better solution. As one commenter noted, other programs do not have this scaling problem. Thanks for the reference.
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    I've used this format for many years, but can't see how to do it with the current (and may I say - dumbed down) report generators. I know it must be in there, somewhere. ???
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    I found the answer, but it wasn't easy. An Income Statement summarized by Category Groups is hidden in: "Cash Flow Comparisons". Kinda.

    That report defaults to bank accounts only, thus the "Cash Flow" label. But then you can add accounts with income related transactions and produce an Income Statement. BUT ... It generates a report in form "Period A, Period B, Difference" and therefore is really not the old Income Statement but a very poor substitute.

    There is, of course, an "Income/Expense by Category" report but you can't summarize by Category Group like we always could in the past. Here's what happened:

    you left the 'CATEGORY GROUP' tab in the options BUT the 'Organization' dropdown was completely omitted from the 'DISPLAY' tab ... therefore no Income by "Category Group' report can be generated. In other words, 'Cash Flow' allows grouping, Income Statement does not.

    ALSO, when you fix the Income/Expense report, let the right hand 'total' column be optional. When I report year 1 & year2, I do not need or want sum of years 1 & 2.

    Please fix this.
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    The "Income/Expense by Category" report can no longer be summarized by Category Group. In past years, this was always possible. A programming oversight may have occurred while updating (dumbing down??) the report generators.

    In the report 'INCOME/EXPENSE BY CATEGORY", the 'CATEGORY GROUP' tab appears in the customizing options BUT the 'Organization' drop-down was omitted from the 'DISPLAY' tab. That menu DOES appear on the 'Cash Flow' Display page. In other words, 'Cash Flow' allows Category Grouping, the Income Statement does not.

    The Category Group tab makes NO SENSE without the option to use Grouping.

    ALSO, when you fix the Income/Expense report, can the right hand 'Overall Total' column be optional? When I report (year 1) & (year2), I do not need or want sum of years 1 & 2.

    Please fix this, soon. It should be simple since it requires only going back to a prior version.
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    So to be clear, your problem is not with the physical printed output but with the print preview, as discussed in the old thread, correct?

    And if you set the Windows display scaling to 100%, the print preview is correct but that makes all the text on your screen uncomfortably small to read , right?

    -- Just trying to confirm that you are seeing the same problem described in the old thread - Thanks
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