Multiple Securities fully sold with still investment value present


I know that one form or another of this question has already been asked but I do not seem to be able to fix the issue - hoping somebody here can set me straight.

I have recently discovered that a number of investments I closed still have (in Quicken Windows) some investment value. These values range from -0.02 to +0.02.

These investments all sit in the same brokerage account which has also been closed.

When I sold those investments (and did again before posting) I selected "sell all shares" and let the price be automatically adjusted.
There are no placeholder entries for the account. I have tried ctrl-z as well as the repair options (except for delete and rebuild as this file contains all my transactions since 2007 so do not want to lose history).

No matter what I do I cannot figure out how to get the values to 0.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


  • Polo
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    An additional comment. In the account itself when I check Holdings none of those investments are present.

    When I run "Investment Performance" report:
    (a) closed accounts with 0 values still show up
    (b) some closed accounts (even with no shares) show with investment of -0.01 or 0.01, however when I go the account in questions the value is 0 from the account tab and there are no placeholder entries to fix
  • NotACPA
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    Change the LAST sale transaction of each impacted security to "Sell all shares". Make sure that you leave the dollar amounts the same.
    It sounds like you've got an itty-bitty share holding (0.0000001) of the impacted shares remaining.  A "Sell All" will remedy that.

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  • Polo
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    Thank you for the reply as per my message I have actually done that for all the security this morning before posting here.

    When that did not fix it I also did on top of that the ctrl+z and the repair and validate with all options checked (except for delete&rebuild) and then tried to do the sell all again.

    I am still left with those itsy-bitty of value
  • Polo
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    Here is some screenshots from a brokerage account that has always and only had cash in (it was used to pay the fees for tax advantaged accounts).

    In the account holding since when I closed the account and moved all money back (31/5/2017) it has shown and still shows 0 as holdings. Throughout its entire history the cost basis and the market value have been exactly the same (as you would expect for cash).

    However when I run the Portfolio Report it is possible to see that it shows a cost basis of -0.01, market value of 0.00 for a market return of -0.01.

    And there is nothing I can do to fix it.

    Could it have to do that the accounts & securities with issues are closed? or maybe because they are GBP rather than USD (as the other accounts) and there is some bug in the rounding when doing exchange rates?

    Really driving me up a wall - not sure why there is no option to just say "I know what I am doing set all this stuff to zero and do not show ever again unless I beg you to"
  • Jim_Harman
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    One way you can deal with accounts like this is to go to the Account details and on the Display tab mark them "Separate." Then they will be excluded by default from your reports
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  • Polo
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    Thank you - I had forgotten that option.

    I will lose the ability (until I remove the "separate") to monitor historic performance over time but it will make the current reports much more manageable.

    Still hope somebody might be able to find a way to get rid of the value.