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I am a canadian user of Quicken. I try to use the code generated by Quicken to get the increase in Dropbox memory. I have always the same error message, from Dropbox, saying that the code entered has already been used . I tried to get it three weeks ago. I paid my new subscription December 26th . A new code should be sent by Dropbox. I have always the same invalid code. I chatted with two agents, Dalila and Willy. They did not succeed to fix the error. Does anybody of you have this kind of problem?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Are you brand new to using Quicken subscription?
    From what I understand the Dropbox offer is for that very first time, and not for renewing of an existing subscription.
    This is my website:
  • I use Quicken since many years.
  • Chris27
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    Purchased QM two years ago. Used DB Code. Just purchased new license from Amazon. Old DB code would not work. Called Quicken, sent them proof of purchase. Gave me new code. All is good.
  • sondra99999
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    I still am unable to redeem code. I have showed proof that I have not redeemed in the past and still no solution to this issue
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @sondra99999

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    At this time I would recommend contacting support directly for advanced troubleshooting steps.

    Quicken Care has the tools to review and research this issue further that the Community does not have.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka

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