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  • Patrick T Williams
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    Quicken appears to be having CC-800 problems with many banks and / or credit unions lately. I'm getting CC-800 for the last week with the ESL Credit Union after closing an ESL account. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Quicken Level 2 support yesterday and after re-doing (for the 5th time) all the steps in the CC-800 support document they had me try copying my file and the CC-800 error still occurred. They finally gave up and told me this was a "file system issue" and could not be corrected. I told them that this was unacceptable and clearly a Quicken bug. I can still download transactions into my ESL accounts but every time I run a One Step Update or update from the register I get CC-800.

    I'm hoping if enough people raise awareness of this problem with Quicken Support and on the Community that Quicken Development will take this seriously and provide a fix. [removed - rant] In the meantime, as another forum member recommended, never close an account, just deactivate and hide.

    PS Quicken Windows latest version R30.14
  • Anja, I realize you edited my post and moved it to another thread. While I realize my credit union is different than Aliant, the point was to say that this is a problem for many, if not widespread. Also, I have been a Quicken customer since Quicken started and I would like to see this product survive and improve. I think it is more than fair to point out bad support when it occurs. How else will Quicken be encouraged to improve? I would think this community would be a primary source of feedback for Quicken management since we are their customers?
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    Hello @Patrick T Williams,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your issue here in the Community.

    Yes, while we appreciate the feedback and are sorry to hear of the negative experience, adding off-topic comments to an ongoing thread can discourage users who are experiencing the issue with the financial institution mentioned in the original post from posting. Splitting comments to their own stand-alone threads increases visibility and encourages others experiencing issues specifically with the same financial institution as your own to add their comments.

    Additionally, for your issue specifically, we ask that you please navigate to Help > Report a problem so we can further investigate the error you are receiving.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
  • Anja, I just did that but I don't hold out any hope that Quicken support will pay any attention. As I said in my note I was on the phone with Quicken Level 2 Support for 2 hours yesterday and they told me I would just have to live with the error, that they could not fix it. I tried repeatedly to get them to at least escalate the problem but they would not do that. Suggestions?
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    Hello @Patrick T Williams

    Thank you for submitting the Report a Problem and requested log files.  I've received the submission and performed a review of the internal communications and took the liberty of reviewing the notes from your contact with Support yesterday, although I apologize but I have a few additional questions for you.

    In the logs I can see account connection attempts for a ESL Savings and a Fixed 30 YR account.  Are either of those the account that was closed in Quicken?

    Do you track more than 2 ESL accounts in Quicken? If so, how many?

    Do you utilize the password vault feature in Quicken at all?
    If so, please open the password vault (Tools > Password Vault > Add/Edit Passwords) and check if the password for ESL Federal Credit Union shows as saved.

    If it is, please temporarily delete the password and perform an "Update Now" from the Account Actions gear icon in the upper right of your account register and manually enter the current password for the ESL accounts.

    Does the update complete?  Or do you receive the same CC-800 error? Or a different error code/message?

    Lastly, are you working with a backup or copied version of your data file?  Or your normal, everyday file?

    Please let us know thank you.

  • Sarah, thanks for responding, here are the answers:

    1. The account that was closed was replaced by the Fixed 30 Yr account. Quicken actually prompted me to close the account after doing a OSU, which I did and then started getting the CC-800 errors on subsequent updates.

    2. I track 3 accounts from ESL, 2 Savings and one credit account which is the 30 Yr account.

    3. Yes, I use a file password and a vault password and for ESL the password vault says "Not required" with a key symbol.

    4. Can't delete ESL password as it shows "Not required" but when I setup ESL I have to enter the ESL password to initially connect and I check the save password to vault box. I have deactivated and reactivated all 3 accounts several times per the support document and on the phone yesterday with Level 2 Support. NOTE: I am able to download new transactions but still get CC-800.

    5. Normal everyday file that I have been using for years with ESL as one of my banks (actually a Credit Union).

    Please let me know if there is anything else you need. I would be happy to work with you or any other Support or Development staff to find a solution. As I stated in my note, I have been a Quicken customer since Quicken started decades ago and I would like to see Quicken thrive and continuously improve.
  • PS One more piece of information that might be useful. On the phone with support yesterday they had me create a test file and add just the ESL accounts. That seemed to work without getting the CC-800 error but no luck when they had me copy my entire file and go through the deactivate / reactivate process. So that tells me there is some setting or record in my normal file that thinks the closed ESL account is still somehow "active" when I connect to do a OSU or register update.
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @Patrick T Williams

    Thank you so much for the response and answers to my questions.  I agree that the issue seems to lie with an internal setting that is "stuck"; the internal errors in the log files also point towards this assumption.

    I can also see that you have been migrated to our new internal connection channel called QCS and I'd like to see if that change has any bearing on the accounts and errors.

    To check, if you haven't already, please change the connection channel from QCS to FDS by going to the Help menu, holding the Ctrl + F4 keys and click on About Quicken.

    This keystroke should open a small dialogue window stating which connection channel you are currently using with a button to change the channel.

    Once changed to the FDS channel, run another One Step Update.  If you still get the CC-800 error, you should now be able to access and remove the stored password in the password vault and once removed, please try the Update Now in the Account Action gear wheel.

    Please let me know what happens, thanks again!

  • Sarah, thanks for your prompt and excellent support! There is good news and bad news. First, changing the channel to FDS seems to have cleared the CC-800 errors with my 3 ESL accounts through OSU. The bad news is that it created error CC-889 with my 4 Hudson Valley Credit Union accounts (which are my primary banking accounts). I reran the update from the HVCU register gear and now I get CC-502. See screen shot.
  • Ok, so I switched back to QCS to try and update my 4 HVCU accounts and now I get CC-501 which says it's a Quicken server error. See screen shot.
  • I just tried for a third time from the gear in my HVCU accounts and it appears to have connected properly although no transactions were download so I can't say for sure if it worked. It's possible there were actually no transactions as I update on a daily basis. I will keep checking when I'm sure there are transactions to download.

    I reran the OSU and from the register gear with the QCS channel and sure enough the CC-800 error returned for the 3 ESL accounts (again, see screen shot). So it seems that ESL doesn't like the QCS channel after closing the one ESL account and HVCU doesn't like the FDS channel.

    Let me know what you think, happy to keep working this!
  • Sarah,
    It never fails, I just found out that HVCU is currently having system problems (can't login from browser or mobile app) so that may account for the problems stated above for my HVCU accounts. So, I will wait until I can login to my HVCU accounts and change the channel again to FDS to see if ESL and HVCU update properly. Are there any negatives to using the what I assume is the older FDS channel?

    Thanks again!
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hi Patrick,

    I appreciate your efforts and the continued updates, although I'm sorry to hear that the HVCU accounts are now experiencing an error.

    I attempted to add an account with HVCU in my personal file, using fake login credentials, and also received the same CC-502 error instead of the invalid login credential error that I should've received.  So it definitely looks like they are having issues and I'd give it 24-48 hrs and try them again.

    Since the CC-800 error is cleared when using the FDS channel, that confirms that the root cause of this behavior is internal and my assumption is that the deleted account information did not transition to the QCS channel correctly, resulting in the server not recognizing the account info it's receiving from ESL.

    There isn't a negative currently to using the FDS channel, but this channel is going away and being replaced by the QCS, so I'm afraid it would only be a temporary solution for you.  

    Alternatively I'd like to continue working with you to see if we can get this resolved once and for all, that way regardless of the connection channel the accounts are updating and working correctly going forward.  Although continuing troubleshooting will result in repeating several of the actions you've already performed.

    If you are up for it, please switch the channel back to FDS and then deactivate all of the ESL accounts.

    Once deactivated, create a copy of the data file from the File menu > File Operations > Copy option and open the copied file when prompted.

    Copying a data file from this pathway recreates the internal database tables and is an excellent step when working with "stuck" data issues.

    In the copied file, run one more validate & repair, I want to be sure we shake out everything, when the validation completes, close and re-open Quicken to ensure the changes are written to the file.

    With Quicken open again, switch the connection channel back to QCS and then reactivate the ESL accounts through the Tools > Add Account option.

    Please let me know how it goes, if you run into any issues, errors or problems at any of the steps and if we get a successful update for the ESL accounts on the QCS channel.

    Thanks again!


  • Will do once the HVCU systems come back to make sure we are getting a clean test. I will report back my findings good or bad.

    Thanks again, I can't tell you how refreshing it is to work with someone who is both competent and diligent!!!
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Sounds good :)

    I'll be out of the office this coming Friday through Sunday so if HVCU isn't connecting again by Thursday afternoon I'll check back in with you on Monday to see where we're at.

    In the meantime, if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!
  • Hi Sarah,

    Unfortunately, no luck. Still getting CC-800 on the ESL accounts. I am also getting CC-501 on the HVCU accounts but I will retry those. Also, you will notice that I'm getting OL-293a on one of my Vanguard accounts, this has been going on for months and after OSU I do another update from the register gear and it completes. I will file a separate report for that error and would love to work on that one with you also. Screen shot attached.
  • Tried to update the HVCU accounts from the register gear but still getting CC-501 error. See screen shot.
    PS I can now login to my account via mobile or web so it appears their systems are back up and running although there may be a different backend system that Quicken connects to.
  • One more update. In my regular QDATA file I changed the channel back to QCS and now the HVCU accounts seem to be updating again but the ESL accounts are still getting CC-800. See screen shot.
  • PS I of course added the ESL accounts back into the QDATA file via the Tools, Add Account function.
  • Patrick T Williams
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    Hi Sarah,
    I hope you had a great holiday! As I said in a previous post I went back to my regular QDATA file and switched back to the QCS channel. After doing a OSU today I'm still getting the CC-800 errors on my 3 ESL accounts. I decided to run a validate and it came up with some errors for an account which I never had with a date of 1900 so I'm thinking it might be caused by CC-800 error.
  • Patrick T Williams
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    PS Here's the screen shot.
  • Patrick T Williams
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    Hi Sarah,
    To validate my findings (no pun intended), I ran File Validate before and after my first OSU this morning and sure enough after I get the CC-800 error on my 3 ESL accounts, the File Validation shows errors on an unknown account with a date of 1/1/1900. The first File Validate was completely clean with no errors at all. See screen shot.
  • Patrick T Williams
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    Hi Sarah,
    Any update or anything else I can provide to troubleshoot this problem. Still getting CC-800 on my 3 ESL accounts during OSU or register update. Transactions do download however so I can live with the inconvenience while we try to find a fix. Thanks again for your support!
  • Patrick T Williams
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    Hi Sarah,
    UPDATE: Today when doing the OSU Quicken asked for my ESL login credentials and then finished without any CC-800 error. This is with my original QDATA file and QCS channel. Something must have changed on the Quicken and/or ESL servers. I will let you know if the error returns.
    Thanks again for your help!

    PS Still getting OL-293a on the first of my 2 Vanguard accounts about 60 - 70% of the time. Updating again from the register gear clears the error (until the next OSU). I submitted an error report on this a couple of weeks ago.
  • Patrick T Williams
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    One last update, no CC-800 error for 2 days running now. Hopefully this means the error has been resolved.
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