Tax Report needs work

First, on schedule A, Why can't the items under Doctors, Dentist, etc., at least be listed in alphabetical order? Yes, it is minor because we don't come anywhere near having enough to actually deduct from taxes, but would be nice to at least have payments to the same payee together rather than separated by another payee.

But major question, why do I have two Schedule D listings - one for gains and one for losses. We have some gains and some losses and would be a lot easier to read to see them all together.


  • MontanaKarl
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    On (1) - seems a reasonable feature request.

    On (2) - Schedule D - are you really seeing one group for gains and one group for losses?  On QMac version 6.0.3 my gains and losses are combined... but are separated into Short Term and Long Term groups, which is how this should be reported as each is taxed/handled/carried-over differently as you likely know.  Of course, your actual brokerage 1099-Combined will report Schedule D items under many categories and codes (basis reported to IRS, not reported etc) that have to be used in completing the actual tax return [summaries per code are permitted] - so no Quicken report will ever give what you need for tax preparation in this regard.

    [Quicken also does not - and can not - handle basis amortization for certain fixed income securities, either - leading to unavoidable inaccurate Gain/Loss figures in the Tax Report -  another reason to use your 1099-Combined for your actual returns - and to use this report only as an estimate for planning purposes - wash sales, etc. before year end.]

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  • Barbara O'Keeffe
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    Yes, I get 2 listings for Schedule D, one for gains, the other for losses. That is when it is Summarized by Tax Schedule/Form. When Summarized by Category I get Gains listed in Money IN and Losses in the Money Out section.

    Obviously I'm not using this for filing taxes. I use the forms from my investment firms in my software tax package. I really didn't need the lecture on the limits of the Quicken package. I'm just asking why something so strange is occurring with the way it arranges displays.
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    Hello @Barbara O'Keeffe

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report your issue, although I apologize that you have not received a follow-up response.

    If you have not done so already, I would also recommend navigating to Help > Report a Problem to report this issue.

    This report will not receive a direct response but the information will be used to investigate and research purposes.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • Barbara O'Keeffe
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    NO this question was not ANSWERED. And the suggestion that I contact Support is laughable, since no one answers the phone and no one can chat because everything is busy! Since the person who decided it was answered, why hasn't she forwarded it to the appropriate person who can contact me and give me an idea of what to do? I have tried to do just a report to get Quicken to lump together the losses and gains for each fund and give me a total. No go, I had to use a calculator! Yes, I know that I will get a 1099B that will have it all figured out, but really, how difficult is it to program a report to summarize all the gains and loses in a single report? Turns out, it seems to be impossible!
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    @Barbara O'Keeffe  You're misunderstanding this forum. "Answered" appears automatically whenever anyone posts a response to a question. It doesn't mean the question has been resolved, it just means someone has posted a response. It's the opposite of "Unanswered" on the left side navigation, which shows posts which have received no reply so far. 

    When a post satisfies the original poster, you can click Yes next to "Did this answer the question?" which appears under each reply. That changes the status to a green "Accepted Answer" tag.

    As for Support, I have not heard of issues with people not answering the phones before. Phone support is open 12 hours a day(8 am-8 pm Eastern), Monday through Friday. The Quicken Support page shows the estimated wait time during operating hours, although it's only an estimate based on average call times, so it may not be precise. Chat support is similar; the wait times are typically shorter, but the same caveat applies. Chat support is open on weekends, unlike phone support.

    And now back to your original problem regarding the Tax Report. I know you're frustrated, but unfortunately, it seems no one here on the community forum has ever seen what you describe. Nor have there been other reports here of such a problem. That's not saying you aren't seeing what you're seeing, just that it must be a function of something in your data which isn't typical. Without seeing the report and the underlying data, it's impossible to determine whether this is a bug in the program or something in an incorrect state somewhere in your data. 
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