Budget total is wrong

You have to love it when a personal finance program can't add up a series of numbers correctly.

Budget total at top right, report total of the same numbers at bottom right.
The report total is the correct one.

I'm glad I don't really use this budget section.
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    If you haven't already, I suggest you uncheck Budget Actions > View options > Include reminders and Budget Actions > View options > Show parent-category rollup in the budget view.

    Note: The Summary value should be the total of the row value not necessarily the total of the column values.  The Summary of Actual value of a parent-category rollup appears to include all the subcategory actuals.

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    Sorry, I cut down the screenshot so you can't see some importing details.
    The top number is the parent summary number.  In truth all the other options don't matter because no matter what numbers are being shown they should add up, and if you put those numbers into a calculator you will find they don't add to 19,839, they add to 20,582.

    But just for completeness these are "actuals", and it doesn't matter if the reminders are on or off because being at the end of they year like this there aren't any more reminders.  And yeah I did try changing between showing the parent category rollup and not, and it doesn't make any difference.

    Well looking at it closer it seems that I can see how they came up with the summary total. It is by adding up all the numbers on the top line.  But all that does is push the problem to how the numbers for each month are totaled, which have to be wrong.

    I will look into it further, but my quick guess is the totaling is wrong because that some of "sub categories" of a "parent category" are in a different category group.  Like Auto:Insurance is in Personal Expenses and Auto:Fuel is in Variable Expenses (not shown here).
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    So I went back and totaled the numbers vertically and they were correct.
    Then I started adding them up horizontally.

    The first wrong number is the total of 3607, 300 * 12 = 3600 (rounding, nope the amounts are exactly 300 each month).  But it gets worse.
    The next line down has only 410, but the total is 432.
    Then the next line adds up to 6,967, but the budget total is 7,680.

    The last two lines are correct.

    Looking at the "worst line".

    I figured out how it got that number.  If I include all the categories under Tax it adds up to that number.  It is totaling categories that are excluded from the budget, but only in the summary total column!

    Note none of these categories are in another category group so I was wrong about that theory.
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