Not able to Renew Subscription - Quicken Deluxe

My subscription expired 12/31/20. Got email and notification to renew. When trying to renew, I get this (bad grammar) message:

"It looks like you have an existing Quicken Account associated with you email address. Please log in here with your existing login to migrate your account."

When I follow the log in here prompt, I get into a loop with the same message. It's very frustrating as I was looking to do some year end reporting today (1/1/21).


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @BuckleyG This has been a "known issue" for some users recently -- see this thread -- and you need to contact Quicken Support to get your Quicken ID (or IDs) squared away. Unfortunately Quicken Support is closed today for the holiday. Chat support will be open over the weekend, and phone support reopens Monday.
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  • BuckleyG
    BuckleyG Member
    Thanks Jacobs ... it had the trappings of a known issue, but couldn't find anything online or in this forum. That thread you linked to is exactly what I see (including the poor grammar). I'll see if they can help me out via Chat this weekend. Happy New Year.
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