Every time I enter the wrong transfer account, I need to restore from a backup to change it. Why?

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Every time I enter the wrong transfer account, I need to restore from a backup to change it. Why? I downloaded a future online payment, I set the category transfer account to a credit card account, I just entered the wrong account. After this for that future online transaction, I could not change it to the correct account. I could change the date of the online payment and the payee, but the category/transfer is locked. Restoring from an old backup was the only solution. I am running Version 6.0.3 (Build 600.37136.100) with MacOS 10.15.7. I tried to delete the transaction from the wrong account and a message popped up, as it should,

"This transaction is locked and cannot be deleted.- To delete this transaction, click the Go To Transfer button to go to the other end of this transfer and delete the transaction there."

The other end of the transfer is locked, the category/transfer account is locked. I had to restore from the last automatic backup, then carefully didn't type the wrong category into the downloaded future online payment. This is a new behavior. Why The category is locked and the date and payee are not, I have no idea. But to correct my category typo "[wrong account entered]" I had to restore from a backup.

The image shows the transaction, the originating transaction of the transfer. The field showing "Transfer:[Barclaycard - Apple]" cannot be changed. The only way to change it is to restore from a backup.

I am running Version 6.0.3 (Build 600.37136.100) with MacOS 10.15.7. (Note: I have delayed moving to macOS Big Sur - version 11 for various incompatibilities, although those incompatibilities have probably resolved themselves, I have not gotten around to making the switch. I doubt this issue would be related, but anything is possible.)

I can't say how long this problem has existed, because I can't say when my last typo was entering the wrong [TRANSFER ACCOUNT].

The first version of Quicken I used was Quicken version 1 on MS-DOS. :|


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    By the way, the only other workaround beside restoring from a backup would be to enter two correction transactions in the two credit card accounts to put the payment into the correct account. (If this was an accounting system I would do it this way to preserve the audit trail.)
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    I am using the same Q and macOS versions as you and trying to replicate this, but I can't. Need a little more info: It appears this is an online payment that has already been transmitted, correct? What is the bill pay method (Bank Bill Pay, Quick Pay, Check Pay?)

    When I double click on a paid but not downloaded/cleared Bank Bill Pay transaction, I am able to edit the category and transfer. I'm not able to edit the Payee or Amount, which is as it should be. Here's what this looks like in my register:

    The only difference I see is that my payment date is one day in the past, while yours is in the future. But I manually set my system clock to 1/1/2021, making Quicken think this payment is in the future, and nothing changed for me. 

    One thought: have you tried clicking Edit Details > Splits and see what the fields look like in that view?

    If I were having this issue, a workaround I would be able to do would be to just delete the transaction and then manually create it as a manual non-bill-pay transaction with the appropriate transfer. 
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  • Mark_Cruzer
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    These are Payments created on my banks website. (called "Bank Bill Pay") After I download transactions these future transactions show up. When I see them I update the category with the transfer information. After I do this, if I accidentally put the wrong transfer account in, the only way to change it is to restore from a backup and enter it correctly. Even after these transactions are posted I cannot change the transfer account.

    This Behavior starts on 10/15/2020 or 10/16/2020. I can change the Transfer account on payment 5853 from 10/14 but on Payment 5854 on 10/16 I cannot change the Transfer Account. If I had made a typo on the 10/16 Payment I would have to find a backup from back then, which I don't think I have at this point. Any Online payment generated from my banks website cannot have its transfer account changed. If I use a Transfer account on a payment that is withdrawn using the credit card's website I can change that. Even if I add the transfer after it is posted, once I put the transfer account in, it cannot be changed. However, once it is posted I can duplicate it and delete the first one and then change the transfer account. (I don't now what happens to the transfer to account.)

    If I enter a category instead of a Transfer Account, I can change That. But once it is changed to a Transfer I can no longer change it.

    If I create the Payment in Quicken, I can change the Transfer account but I cannot change the Payee, as it should be. When the same payment is generated from the bank's website, I cannot change the Transfer Account but I can change the payee. I should not be able to change the payee of an online payment in the register.

    I hope this gives you a clearer picture of the ongoing problem.
  • RickO
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    If I'm understanding correctly, you (1) make the payment on the bank's website (outside of Quicken), (2) download transactions, (3) the payment downloads with a future date, (4) edit that future transaction putting in the wrong transfer and finally (5) you cannot change the transfer.

    I only use direct connect bill pay. I don't generate payments on my bank's website, so I can't test this. 

    I'd suggest that you contact Quicken Support by phone so they can screen share and you can demo exactly what's going on.
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    Like RickO, I don't use bank bill pay, but I'll throw in one suggestion for advancing the troubleshooting on this issue. When you do a download of a transaction with a future date, what happens if you wait until after that date to change the transfer? Does the bank download an updated transaction after the date has passed? Does anything change in your ability to make the change in Quicken? Some financial institutions download pending transactions which haven't yet cleared, and update them when the transaction has cleared, but I don't know if that's what you're experiencing here. It seems worth trying to make the edit after the transaction's date and it is no longer pending, to see if that changes anything.

    I'm thinking this might be something specific to what your bank is downloading, since I don't recall seeing any other Quicken user report a similar problem. I know it's frustrating, but in the case of problems which are difficult to widely reproduce, the more information you can gather to isolate what's going wrong, the better the chances of (a) finding a workaround which may be less-than-optimal but better than what you're currently having to do, and (b) getting Quicken folks to identify the problem and, ideally, a fix.
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  • Mark_Cruzer
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    I will wait until after I update to the Latest MacOS as well as I am on the Apple Silicon before I call support.

    I would never wait to have a payment show up in a Credit card account until after it posted. Keep in mind that after it is posted I can still not change it. I can't change any that were downloaded after 10/15/2020. This is a new problem. Identical online payments behave differently depending on where they were entered, this should not be the case. If this problem is unrelated to the MacOS/Apple Silicon upgrades, I will not be the only one that has this problem and they will be forced to address it regardless if I tell them about it.
  • Mark_Cruzer
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    Also, my bank automatically generates payments based on my credit card statements. I don't see these payments until they show up in my quicken register. The only actual data entry I need to do is the Transfer account. Everything else is Automatic.
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    Hello @Mark_Cruzer

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a follow-up response.

    I am unsure if the cause of this issue is specific to the financial institution or the Quicken application. 

    To help isolate this issue, I would recommend creating a test file, this will help isolate Please go to File > New > Start From Scratch.

    Once in the test file please add the account that this is occurring in and see if the behavior persists in the test file.

    Please let us know the results!

    -Quicken Tyka
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