Couldn't add value more than 100'000'000.00

It said that the maximum amount is 99'999'999.99. But my mortgage is 150 million in our local currency. Therefore, how can I increase the number of digits?


  • splasher
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    You can't.  Quicken just isn't designed for so large of numbers.

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  • MBayar
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    In USD, it is large. But in other weak currencies, it is not large numbers due to the exchange rate. I understand that it is technically the same for all hard and weak currencies. OK, Thanks for your time.
  • UKR
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    AFAIK ... Please understand that Quicken is designed exclusively for the North American and Canadian markets. Therefore amounts are limited to 10 digits, including 2 decimal places.
    Changing the Currency List to accommodate international currencies that don't use fractional units (like the Yen, etc.) or allow more than 10 digits would require a major redesign of the entire Quicken program, provided, of course, that the Intel 32- or 64-bit instruction sets allow for numeric decimal operations of that length.

  • NotACPA
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    How about, in your mind  and in your Q records, just dividing all amounts by 1,000?
    I'd be surprised if those low-order 4 digits were ever actually used.
    SO, your 100,000,000.00 would be recorded as 100,000.00

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