Anyone else having an issue with closed bank accounts and transaction download?

I have a few bank accounts that I closed over the past five years without first disabling online updates. On my account list (control-A), they appear with the red closed circle and Transaction Download

Prior to the November release, Transaction Download skipped these accounts and downloaded transactions for my open accounts without a problem.

Starting with the November release, whenever I download transactions from any one or more bank accounts, Quicken asks me to sign in (username and password) for all of my closed accounts. If I enter the username and password and link my open accounts to the existing open accounts, I get a message telling me I should disable transaction download for my closed account. I opened the Account Details/Online Services tab. It shows my account is closed, and I cannot disable transaction download.

This is a chicken and egg problem I do not know how to fix. I spoke with an agent via chat for nearly three hours. She undertood the problem but could not provide a solution.

It seems like Quicken could:
- ignore closed accounts during transaction download, like it did prior to November.
- enable me to disable transaction download for a closed account.
- modify validate/repair to disable transaction download for closed accounts.
- send me a patch file to disable transaction download for closed accounts.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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  • india just
    india just Mac Beta Beta
    I had a similar problem with 2007 Mac. I had to edit account settings and re-establish account as open, edit again to disable transaction downloads, then close, then turn off online updates/downloads.  I went through this cycle numerous times in variations until all the accounts and downloads in progress were cleared and they were fully closed. I wish I could offer better advice, but it has been over a year since I did this and predates my beta participation.
    Long time user, mac only, brand new to beta testing.  NOOB.  Allin on beta.
  • chrisdeephouse
    It seems like this would work. But I don't see a way to re-open an account with the current version on Windows.
  • Chris_QPW
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    It seems like this would work. But I don't see a way to re-open an account with the current version on Windows.
    Yet another reason why I believe that closing an account shouldn't be "permanent".  It has been my gripe about this feature from day one.  It is a ridiculous requirement.  There isn't anything it does that you can't do manually other than having the icon, and if you do it manually you can reverse it.  And Quicken Mac allows for you to reopen a closed account.

    Anyways here is my best shot at it.  Use this procedure to move the transactions to new (manual/offline) account.
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken

    And then delete the original account.  That should get rid of the downloading problem.
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