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I can't find the option in the 401(k) investment where the funds have no stocks. A portion of the contribution is allocated to a "Stable" fund, which is matched by the employer. However, it's not associated with any stock/bonds, etc. All the options in the Investment Setup are with stocks where you have to enter a number of stocks and cost.

Any help in figuring this out is appreciated.


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    Typically a Stable Value Fund would be entered like  a money market fund, with a share price of $1.00.

    So if you have $1,234.56 in the stable value fund, you would enter it as 1,234.56 shares at a price of $1.00.
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    Yes Jim, that's the only way I monitor that portion of the account. Thank you!
  • Stable Value Funds do not necessarily sit at $1 per share. "Galliard Stable Return Fund C", which is pretty common in Fidelity 401k setups, has no ticker and right now has a NAV of $58.00

    I have not figured out how to get Quicken to handle it. I don't allow Quicken to access my financial institutions, so I don't know how Quicken would deal with it if it were accessing Fidelity.
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    [Edited] Apparently this fund attempts to give stable returns but its NAV or share price varies somewhat.

    How are your transactions reported on your statements? Does it show how many shares you own and how many your contributions purchased?

    If you are entering the transactions manually, you would enter your contribution amount and the shares purchased and let Quicken calculate the share price. Then for the end of the period you would set the share price at whatever the NAV is.

    Presumably Fidelity would download the share prices if you are connected online.
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