401(k) Investment Funds without Stocks

I can't find the option in the 401(k) investment where the funds have no stocks. A portion of the contribution is allocated to a "Stable" fund, which is matched by the employer. However, it's not associated with any stock/bonds, etc. All the options in the Investment Setup are with stocks where you have to enter a number of stocks and cost.

Any help in figuring this out is appreciated.


  • Jim_Harman
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    edited January 2021
    Typically a Stable Value Fund would be entered like  a money market fund, with a share price of $1.00.

    So if you have $1,234.56 in the stable value fund, you would enter it as 1,234.56 shares at a price of $1.00.
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  • Robert Armani
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    Yes Jim, that's the only way I monitor that portion of the account. Thank you!