Where do my answers go?

I just answered a question but then wanted to update the answer. But now I cannot find the original question nor my answer. I tried searching for my username and found all my old answers but not the most recent one. Do answers go into some kind of queue to be authorized before being posted?
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    There is no delay that I know of.
    If you click on your name (either at the top of the screen or at the top of a post), you will be taken to a screen about your account.  On the left there is an Activity section that has Discussions (question you start) and Comments (comments on any posts).
    Click on Comments to see a list of your posts.

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    This forum has a built in "spam filtering" where for whatever reason which seems almost random it will send posts to the moderators to to be approved before they are posted.  Commenting "quickly" seems to up the odds that this will happen.

    At some point when you get enough "points" this stops.  But it is a lot of "points".  But of course the SuperUsers are exempt from this and as such wouldn't be aware of it.

    When this happens it actually posts a message in the lower left to the browser window, but it only stays there for a few seconds so it is easy to miss.

    This kind of thing tends to a real pain since even after the moderators approve it and it gets posted it will be at the end of the conversation instead in the place where you posted it.  So it can look out place.  So I recommend that when posting a reply to someone that you use the quoting function to add some context.
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